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End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

❏ Scrub doors
❏ Clean sink and taps and remove lime scale and polish where required
❏ Clean inside all cupboards and drawers
❏ Wash and polish all work surfaces
❏ Clean, vacuum and mop the floor
❏ Clean tiles
❏ Dust all skirting
❏ Clean light fitting
❏ Clean dishwasher inside and out
❏ Clean washing machine inside and out
❏ Clean bins inside and out
❏ Clean microwave inside and out
❏ Clean fridge inside and out
❏ Clean up to 1 oven inside and out
❏ Clean tiles, shower screen and floor
❏ Clean bath
❏ Clean toilet
❏ Clean mirrors
❏ Clean any cupboards or fixtures and fittings
❏ Clean all skirting and wipe off marks
❏ Clean light fittings
❏ Clean windows and doors
❏ Wash and polish floors
❏ Clean windows and doors
❏ Wipe over all furniture, inside and outside of cupboards and wardrobes
❏ Clean light fittings
❏ Vacuum under bed and carpets and mop if applicable
❏ Clean mirrors and pictures
❏ Clean skirting boards
❏ Clean windows and doors
❏ Clean inside and out cupboards
❏ Wipe clean all furniture
❏ Vacuum under sofas and chairs including moving all cushions and cleaning behind, mop if applicable
❏ Clean skirting boards
❏ Clean TV’s, DVD’s, and other electronic equipment
❏ Clean mirrors and pictures
Hallway and stairs
❏ Vacuum stairs and hallways, mop if applicable
❏ Clean skirting boards
❏ Clean light fittings