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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is NOT included as part of the end of tenancy cleaning?

We will not try to wash the walls and the ceilings. We will, however, clean all cobwebs. We can wash/clean the walls if you ask us to do it. This service will cost extra and we will not assume any responsibility should any damage to the walls occurs. Not included in the end of tenancy cleaning are: carpet cleaning, exterior windows, any external areas (patios, gardens, external staircases, parking spaces, balconies, terraces), ovens, additional fridge or freezer. Please also note that we don’t defrost freezers. The freezer has to be defrosted by the customer so that our cleaning team can clean it inside and out.

2. How much would the additional services cost?

CARPET CLEANING                                             UPHOLSTERY CLEANING

Single Bedroom From £25                                                    2-Seat Sofa £40

Double Bedroom From £30                                                  3-Seat Sofa £50

Lounge, Dining room From £30                                 L-shaped 3 seats £70

Hallway £10-30                                                            L-shaped 4 seats £75

Staircase (up to 15 steps) £30                                                 Armchair £25

Landing £5-15                                                                            Stool £15-20

Toilet / Bathroom From £5                                              Dining Chair £7-15

Rug (small) From £10                                                               Mattress £30

Rug (medium) From £15-20                                   King Size Mattress £35

Rug (large) From £20-25                                                     Headboard £15

                                Roman Blinds £15

Please note: Minimum call out charge for carpet cleaning is £60. Price includes a team of end of tenancy cleaners and all professional materials and equipment required for the job!

3. Do you clean windows from the outside?

This service is not included in the end of tenancy cleaning price and is available only if our cleaners can reach the windows from inside the room. Ground floor windows reachable without the use of a ladder also can be booked and cleaned separately.

4. How soon can you send a team to my place?

Our End of Tenancy Cleaners can respond to urgent enquiries and often when required can send a team on the same day. Whatever your circumstances are, we will do our best to help you.

5. Are there any extra charges, e.g. parking?

In short, NO. Our End of Tenancy cleaning prices are fixed based on property size. The cleaning service is also not limited by time. We won’t charge you extra if we need to spend a little bit more time at your property.

6. Who provides the cleaning materials and equipment?

Our end of tenancy cleaning team is fully equipped with all necessary chemicals and professional equipment. You only need to provide access to your property, water and electricity.

7. Can you carry out the job when no one is at the property?

Yes, of course. We just need someone to let our end of tenancy cleaners in and ideally come in the end to check the cleaning. If that’s not feasible, on completion we can close the door behind us. We can also collect and drop keys to estate agents.

8. Do you charge per hour or per job?

Our end of tenancy cleaning is NOT charged per hour but per job. We gather information about the property over the phone and provide a quote for the whole job. In order to provide an accurate quote we need as much info as you can provide- e.g. number of rooms, bathrooms/WCs/shower rooms, type of flooring, conservatories, windows, condition of the property, parking space available etc.

9. What are your cleaners’ working hours?

Our end of tenancy cleaners work any day of the week from 08.00am to 5.30pm

For out of ours, Public and Bank holidays, please contact our office.

10. Do You Need A Deposit?

We do not charge upfront and do not take deposits. Payment is made following completion of a cleaning job, after inspecting the premises to ensure quality. Once the cleaning service is fulfilled and you have looked over the job with our cleaning team supervisor, you can pay the full amount in cash.

11. What Equipment do you Use?

We use Prochem professional carpet and general cleaning equipment. Our end of tenancy cleaning teams use the necessary detergents, materials and professional equipment for exceptional quality.

Our Promise

● Fully trained professionals. This is check-out cleaning you can trust.

● Never a single cleaner - always a team. Up to 6 technicians to ensure your desired results.

● No time restriction - It's done when it's clean. Usually 3 to 8 hrs.

● You always receive a completion checklist “What we've cleaned”.

● Key pick up upon request - to ease both letting agents and tenants.

● Reliable check out cleaners for almost 6 years now.

● All technicians use advanced cleanup methods, efficient equipment and high-end detergents.

● Constant quality inspections, reports and on-site standards.

● Friendly and polite after tenancy experts.

● We guarantee a 5 STAR housing/rental property cleaning service.